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We want you excited at the start line and confident in knowing what that day has in store for you. Our goal is to get you to the start line uninjured, and able to achieve what you have in you THAT day. We teach you to listen to your body and identify pitfalls in training, to bust through plateaus, train smart, eat smart, and understand how to race and train in less than ideal weather conditions to maximize recovery always. Whether it’s tackling your first race, or getting you a Boston Qualifier, we will teach you how to find your personal best. – Read More – 

What our Runners Are Saying!

  • I had been running for more than eight years and had run around fifteen marathons and numerous half marathons, 10ks, and 5ks before I started training with Maria. I had reached a point where, while I loved running and could complete marathons with ease, my race times had plateaued. In less than a year of training with Maria and embracing her training philosophy, I ran personal bests in the marathon by 32 minutes, half marathon by 16 minutes, and 5k by over 3 minutes.
  • I have been Maria's custom client for over a year and half and I have seen a world of difference. Maria's program takes into account my lifestyle, my health, and my goals. Her plans are specific and completely personalized to each of her runners. Since I started working with Maria, I have gotten 5 new PRs and am still going. I know that I could not possibly find another coach that would put in as much time and effort as she does for me every day.
  • I have been a runner for decades. Over the years, I have suffered through multiple stress fractures, strains, and pretty much every –itis known to runners. In fact, I was so used to being injured that I thought it was normal to wear KT Tape on a daily basis. I love running, but it was beating me down both physically and mentally. I came to Coach Maria a broken and disheartened runner on the verge of giving up. Since I started working with her nearly two years ago, I have had zero injuries. Her methods have helped me to return to a sport I love in a healthy way. Her genuine concern for me in creating my plan has made me not only a healthier runner, but my love of the sport has been reborn.
  • If you want a coach who is going to take your running so much farther than you could do on your own – and without needless risk of injury – then Maria is your coach. She is responsive, available, individual oriented, and supportive. As a busy professional, wife, and mother of two young children, she makes my running manageable because she takes all the guesswork out of creating a training plan. She knows when she needs to push you and when she needs to hold you back. You will not regret hiring her, or anyone from her team, be it for race-specific coaching or long term coaching.
  • It took a lot of convincing to my husband that I needed a running coach. He just didn't understand why I didn't just go outside and run. It was soon after hiring Maria that he changed his mind. Maria has helped me achieve some running goals I never even thought possible. I've exceeded every goal I set for myself, so I had to make new ones! She is so much more than a coach, she's my therapist, friend, motivator, and now I get the privilege to learn from her and coach for On Track Running Academy. Can't wait to see what happens in 2016!
  • I signed up for the semi-structured plan 4 months before my first marathon. I had "googled" training plans, looked at apps, and read a number of articles but at 59 years of age, I knew I needed more so I signed up for OTRA. Maria designed a plan based on my running experiences, paces etc. it was excellent. It provided me with guidelines, accountability, and most importantly, confidence. Then, I ran my first marathon 2 weeks before my 60th birthday!! I even had fun along the way!


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