The Drip on Hydration

Tips to Avoid Dehydration This Summer

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when running in the summer heat. One of the most important variables to focus on is hydration! By keeping these key tips in mind, you can safely continue to run during these hot, summer months. 

The first step to staying safe and avoiding dehydration is to drink before your workout. The body has a great mechanism to let us know when it needs additional fluids. It is called being thirsty. However, by the time you are feeling thirsty, it is typically too late; you are already becoming dehydrated. Try to drink water consistently throughout the day so that your urine remains clear to light yellow in color. Remember, if you are taking supplements such as fish oil, this could change the color of your urine. 

Also, it is important to focus on the type of fluids you are intaking when the temperatures are high. During the summer, especially in Florida, water is not going to cut it. Try to incorporate sports drinks or other sodium-containing drinks into your daily diet. The American College of Sports Medicine advises that an athlete consume 0.5-0.7 grams of sodium per liter of fluid. An important reminder is to avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol before going out for a run in the heat, especially if your miles are double digits, as these have a diuretic effect. 

In order to avoid dehydration, follow this general hydration plan:

  • Before your workout: Drink 16 oz. approximately 2 hours before workout; sip on fluids before starting a workout.
    Step on the scale to measure your pre-activity weight
  • During your workout: Drink 4-16 oz. every 15 minutes (depending on stomach tolerance).
  • After your workout: Drink 16-24 oz. per pound of body weight lost during exercise.
    Tip: Step on the same scale to measure your post-activity weight

Remember there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to training. The same goes for hydration. If you are training for a specific event or racking up the miles, it may be beneficial for you to create a personalized hydration plan to maximize performance. You can work with a coach to experiment to find the right approach for you and your body. 

For more questions on an individualized approach please contact us

Exercise physiologist and RRCA certified Coach Rachel Bozich has been helping people reach their goals for the past 7 years as personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and educator. She has a strong background in exercise physiology with a Master’s Degree from the University of Tampa in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Rachel had all intentions of becoming a doctor, but after numerous specialists told her that injuries were going to keep her from running again she changed her major and decided to prove them wrong. Since then she has run over 35 half marathons, 6 marathons, and completed numerous multiday challenge races. Now she wants to help others defy the odds and accomplish their goals! “It is never too late to start, but always too soon to quit!”

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