Keep your training On Track this summer

Are you looking for a plan to keep you in shape this summer so you are ready to hit the track this fall? Then the Summer Semi-Custom Coach Plan may be just what you’re looking for! Coach Maria will provide you a semi-custom plan to get you ready or keep you in shape during the summer 8-week break. This program will begin June 10 and will run for eight consecutive weeks leading up to the August track session.

Custom Coaching with Coach Maria

  • Final Surge account to track progress
  • Initial one-on-one meeting to discuss 8-week goals
  • Access to the Coach to communicate training
  • Custom pace plans
  • Custom Coaching based on individual needs and goals
  • Recovery assistance
  • Plans designed around you and your life – we get it, things happen! You have vacations, get sick, work happens – we’ve seen it all.
  • We can change plans and readjust as needed.

Strength Training with Coach Rachel

As a runner, it is important to spend time strength training. All of our muscles help propel us forward and the stronger the body, the less likelihood for injury.

This summer, join Coach Rachel for an 8-Week program dedicated to your strength training. This once-weekly program will focus on exercises to strengthen the runner, proper form, and exercises to do at home.

  • Classes Begin June 18th
  • Classes are held at Coleman Middle School
  • 6:30 PM
  • Please bring: Water, mat, & weights if you have them. If not, we will provide some for your use.

Your running is personal and we’re here to help you reach your personal best!

Please complete the New Athletes Questionnaire and Waiver so we can get to know you a little better.