7 Reasons to Get on the Track!

Learn About the Many Benefits of Track Training

You’ve likely seen posts on social media and have heard your running friends talking about track training. You have heard that speed work is good for your running performance and have probably often wondered what exactly we do on the track. Well, track training is a lot more than running around in circles really fast. There are many benefits of spending time on the track, no matter your athletic ability. So if you’re wondering if track training is right for you, we’re here to tell you it is! Here are a few reasons to get off the fence and get on the track!

  1. On the track we make FRIENDS! Friends help you through tough runs by making it fun and keeping you motivated! We have a blast out there!
  2. On the track we learn to pace ourselves. Pacing and race strategy is very important in being successful on race day. Often times people line up on the start line and go as fast as they can in hopes for a good race. Track practice teaches you how to pace your races correctly.
  3. On the track we work you a bit harder than you would on your own. It builds a stronger heart and helps build stamina.
  4. On the track we do drills to improve your form. These drills also teach you proper warm up technique so there is less Injury risk. The consistent runner is the one that improves so we want to keep you running.
  5. On the track we build endurance by working in your proper zones. Track is not about running as hard as you can it’s about training for your current fitness level.
  6. On the track we hold each other accountable and practice healthy track habits to make us better runners. It’s a healthy competitive environment where we encourage each other to stay in our pace ranges and not race each other until race day.
  7. On the track we learn to run fast and relaxed. We learn to smile when running and we learn to love our sport even more than we do now.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

On Track

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